Pedigree Of Takhari's Kick Start My Heart
1st Generation
2nd Generation
3rd Generation
4th Generation
5th Generation
CH. Takhari's Kick Start My Heart
CH. Kayenta's Absolute Xero
CAN CH./AM GR CH. Karnovanda's Xckiel
CH. Karnovanda's Simon
MBISS CH. Karnovanda's Micah II
CH. Karnovanda's Eskimo Pie II
CH. Karnovanda's Desdimona
BISS CH. Karnovanda's The Life of Riley
CH. Karnovanda's Delilah
GR CH. Kayenta's Aery
Wildstar's Spinning Eagle
Wildstar's Eagle Dancer
Demayand's Kadian Kandy
CH. Kayenta's Anasazi Kiva
BISS CH. Karnovanda's Man On The Moon
CH. Kayenta's Koshari
CH. Takhari's Aim For the Heart O'Winterhaven
CH. Wildstar's Kaniq
CH. Wildstar's North Face
CH. Demavand's Kiev
BISS CH. Wildstar's Cat Ballou
CH. Cimarron's Bellatrix
CH. Wildstar's Song to Orion
CH. Wildstar's Evening Star
Takhari's Take Aim
BISS CH. Mveska's Fired-Up O'Winterhaven
CH. Seeonce's Aim High of Takhari
CH. Syntari's Puff Of Smoke
CH. StarDust Of the Midnight Sun
CH. Holy Smoke Of The Midnight Sun
CH. Tunguska Ten Of The Midnight Sun